Reducing Construction Waste

Reducing waste is a hot topic here at Smith Construction. The ban of single use plastic bags in New Zealand and the state of plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways has certainly started the conversation internationally, and is a step in the right direction.

This has got us thinking harder and looking closer at our building practices and ways we can reduce our environmental impact.

BRANZ states that “Waste is generated on building sites during each phase of the building life cycle. Evidence suggests that construction and demolition waste may represent up to 50% of all waste to landfills in New Zealand”. They are startling figures.

Recently we held a meeting with our Site Supervisors to brainstorm some positive changes we can make as a company. As a result we are reviewing our onsite recycling practices and we are also researching the use of reusable canvas covers for our timber packs to stay dry on their journey from the supplier to our job site - this in itself will eliminate a large amount of plastic waste generated on each job site.

One day we would like to be the most environmentally conscious builder in Mangawhai. For now we are making small changes, one step at a time.

For anyone interested BRANZ has some excellent resources on their REBRI site: https://www.branz.co.nz/REBRI